The Break-Up

Shivering on the dark alleyways wasn’t his strong suit. He just couldn’t bear how the night had unfolded. So blinded by rage as he was, he didn’t even flinch when a speeding vehicle crossed his path. He was really bedazzled and couldn’t say word. As if a rupture happened inside of him and in an instant all was gone.

All that he collected until then was burnt down to the ground by the fire within. Right then and there he couldn’t keep he’s cool and he wasn’t in a condition to do anything. Still he wandered the streets alone at a time whn everyone else was on the verge of falling asleep. Not even for a second did he thought to take a cab until his appartment which was too far away from the point of no return.

Some might say he was irresponsible, but hey, blinded by rage and sadness the break-up was imminent. He felt the cold clenching through his bones and could do thing to stop it. When wearing only a T-shirt and a pair of jeans somebody is really going to be on the verge of hypothermia.

Then the phone rang. A voice at the other end, said: I’m sorry! He just pushed the red button and kept walking. 40 minutes later and 3 miles down the road he entered a non stop restaurant for a drink and to getting mentally ready for the next 5 miles until his apartment. Too stubborn to answer his cellphone he muted the ringtone and again kept walking. No remorses, not looking back no matter the consequences. That’s how he rolls. Sad as he was he had to let go, eventually.

Fortunately for him, everything came back down to earth when he finally reached his desired destination: the confort of his home bed. Plunging in like a diver in an olympyc pool he crashed as fast as you can say “Need For Speed”.

Waking up in the morning didn’t mean exactly waking up from this nightmare, but as long as he was awake it all seemed more clear and the sadness was left behind and he felt more vibrant then the last night. He wasn’t at his best, but clearly he woke up from that denial and walked away gracefully.

He just found that extra edge he needed to broke loose and he did it. Now he is relaxed, confident and found a road that he’s walking tall. Remember: No remorses, not looking back, no consequences. Never Back Down.

12 years ago


  1. Interesante imaginile artistice exprimate

    si doar ca sa fiu enervant
    cred ca e: couldn’t say a word
    whn in loc de when
    couldn’t keep his cool (articol posesiv)

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