The Assassin

As soon as the night started to unfold on the hills of Rome, a new predator was stalking it’s prey. Ruthless, agile, fast and wicked, The Assassin swore to kill those who were against the Brotherhood. Little did he knew, that at the edge of the trail, the mercyless templar army was waiting for him in absolute silence.

It was that kind of silence that comes before a storm. Somewhere along that path, every feeling that he had routed to killing the man he was after. Bold, cynical and sarcastic where attributes of a so called Pope.

But walking on that thin line you are bound in one way or another to get hurt. Killing the Pope wasn’t easy. You had to go through a couple of dozen guards from the Templar order and a lot more from the Swiss Guard. But why did he wanted to kill the Pope? Was there a serious motive behind this act. Or it was just a revenge driven act?

No one really knew. But like his late father, and timeline ancestors he was a man on a mission. Ready to jump from staggering heights to complete his goal. No remorces, no questions asked, not looking back. Why?

Because and Assassin cannot fail. He was the perfect model, for a programmed soldier.  Someone expendable if you can say that. Regardless of  these qualities, he didn’t had any time left to spare. He had to charge all the way to the Pope’s Vatican office and complete his job.

Sweeping past the bazars and shops from La Citta Eterna and blending around the huge crowds that surronded Saint Peter’s square a guardian attacked him. And more came. In a crowd full of Templar Knights he was the only hooded Assassin that stand amongst them. And the Pope’s message came: “May the Father of Understanding guide you”.

Nowhere to run, the Assassin started to wield his blade around the Templars but with every wave, came another challenge: Beating the best there was. Until the Assassin used his hidden blades and there was none. The Pope was the only one left in his path for retribution. He slowly marched to the Pope’s office, slammed the door shut, approached his victim and with a touch of a poisonous blade ended that life. An eye for and eye.

Requiescat in pace! And he was gone.

12 years ago


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