Who am I?

From the professional side of things.

I’m a young designer aspiring to be one of the best in the business in a few years.

Experimenting a lot nowadays with the Adobe Creative suite, mainly with Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop but sometimes, when I have some time to burn I enjoy playing a lot with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Design started out for me like a passion and now it is my day to day job. I’m pretty much into digital design because I’ve polished this skill by understanding the standards of digital design in Romania but when I get the chance I like playing with print and DTP projects the same way that I like digital design.

Interested social media and blogging and that means I always like to be up to date with every new change in this area of expertise though my main focus right now is understanding everything about advertising and design.

What do I use?

Adobe Illustrator – Medium to Power user

Using it to create all types of posters, roll-ups and webpages mainly for it’s vectorial state and pixel perfect designs.

Adobe Photoshop – Medium to Power user
Mainly used for creating static banners, newsletter layouts, photography retouching and digital art (whenever I get the occasion to have fun and play) and also using it to prepare different types of artwork for Illustrator designs.

Adobe Indesign – Medium user

Only using it for DTP stuff, brochures, different leaflets and mainly for paged content.

A lot of fonts to diversify typography in layout and webdesign.

WordPress CMS – Medium to Power user

Mainly to modify the aspect of a blog’s WordPress theme using HTML and CSS wisdom that I’ve accumulated in the last years (no programming involved but I have a small understanding of php syntax to get my way around things and not to get lost).

HTML & CSS – Medium user

Mainly for coding web layouts made with Illustrator or Photoshop and modifying a blog’s design. Experimenting right now with Twitter’s Bootstrap and Skeleton, designed for the new age in webdesign the introduction of responsive webdesign.

These are the things that I use to make clockwork designs. A few things that I’ve done can be viewed on Behance. For further references, just shout. Or whistle. Or use the contact form.

8 years ago

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